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Every company faces a situation when the Chief Accountant quits. It is not always possible to find a worthy replacement in a timely manner. Every month, hundreds of business leaders become "hostages" of this problem.

RialCompany Limited Liability Partnership offers accounting for your organization by a specialized company, i.e. assigning the function of the Chief Accountant to US.

The main activities of our company are auditing and accounting services (accounting outsourcing) for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs.

We have been providing accounting services since 2006. Our employees are highly qualified, have invaluable practical experience in all sectors of the economy and modern technical equipment, which today allows us to provide high-quality services in the field of audit and accounting.
What do we offer:
Maintaining (full or partial) accounting and tax accounting
Account recovery
Setting up accounting and tax accounting
Optimization of taxation within the cost of the contract
Submission of tax and statistical reporting
Customs reports
Medical reports
Representation of your interests during tax and other audits
Free advice to management on accounting issues
What are we doing:
we do accounting
calculate payroll and calculate payroll taxes
calculate all taxes
prepare financial statements (calculations, declarations)
we submit reports to the State Revenue Office and statistical authorities
we represent the interests of your company in the State Revenue Office
Why is it beneficial for you
This is real cost savings. You no longer need to do bookkeeping. Therefore, there is no need to equip workplaces, pay a salary to an accountant and purchase special software and literature.
You transfer all responsibility for the organization of accounting and the correctness of its maintenance to us. We, in turn, carrying out accounting support for your company, take responsibility for the mistakes made and compensate for the possible damage caused.
You can transfer accounting at any stage of activity and in any state by concluding an agreement for accounting services with our company. So, for example, if your chief accountant quit on the eve of the balance sheet, and you simply don't have time to look for a new specialist, then this is a good way out of the situation.
How are we different from others
All our employees have a higher economic education, confirmed by extensive experience as an accountant or assistant accountant for at least 5 years. Our employees regularly attend seminars and refresher courses.
Individual hike
The main principle of our company's work is the selection of a specialist who knows the Customer's field of activity (for example: medical services or production) and has extensive practical experience in this field. Quality of service is the basis of our activity.
The privacy of customer information is of great importance to RialCompany. We are committed to protecting any information provided to us by customers in accordance with strict standards for protecting and maintaining information confidentiality.
Service provision procedure
The high level of organization of work on the provision of various accounting services to enterprises and individual entrepreneurs and vast experience in the field of accounting automation allows our company to maintain one of the highest levels of customer service in the accounting services market. The cost of our accounting services is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and given the quality and reliability of our accounting services, customers find our prices for accounting services absolutely acceptable.
An entrepreneur or an organization enters into an agreement with our company for the provision of accounting services, which specifies a specific list of accounting services and the procedure for their provision. Payment for accounting services is included in the list of expenses that reduce the taxable base of the enterprise.
When providing accounting services according to a pre-agreed schedule, our company receives from you the necessary accounting documents to start work:
· Invoices, waybills, certificates of work performed, cash receipts of counterparties;
· Bank statements and payment orders;
· Concluded and used contracts of sale, supply and provision of services (required for accounting services);
· Cash documents of the enterprise;
· Payroll documentation (required for accounting services);
· Employment orders and contracts newly issued or concluded (required for accounting services);
· Changes in staffing;
· Documentation on acquired fixed assets (required for accounting services).
Specialists of RealCompany LLP draw up primary accounting documents (for purchased / sold goods and received / rendered services) and prepare them for work. Then these documents are entered into 1C electronic databases, processed in accounting registers, and at the end of the quarter all forms of financial statements and other documents included in accounting services are compiled.
When all the necessary financial statements are prepared, our specialists will send them to the relevant authorities in the manner prescribed by law and the contract for the provision of accounting services.
We are serving:
Medical organizations
Bars and restaurants
Wholesale organizations and retail stores
Furniture stores
Manufacturing organizations
Individual entrepreneurs
Companies that carry out accounting according to the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Remember that proper accounting is the key to your peace of mind and one of the criteria for success in business.

Trust your bookkeeping to professionals!
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